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15 Jul '14


  “Support local”. What does that phrase really mean? With the rise of our current do it yourself generation, ‘support local’ gets thrown around pretty often nowadays…and I think it’s great. There is a conscious movement of today's youth knowing what we want, and utilizing the tools to do so; using exposure from social media networks for example. Whether it be curating a website, starting a band in a garage, creating art, blogs, stories, skate edits, or opening a local bike and skate shop, it's definitely something we’re seeing more and more of.

  Tiseo’s Bike andSkate Shop, located at 417 Broad Street in Bloomfield, NJ embodies the genuine, heartfelt vibe of local business. BMX biker and owner of Tiseo’s, Scotty Eaton, opened the shop in the summer of 2013.

  The best part about this place is the meaning behind it. Scotty has dedicated the shop to his late friend and hero, Joseph Tiseo, who passed away due to a motorcycle accident. Scotty keeps Joseph alive as well as the kind-hearted friendship he felt from Joseph through Tiseo’s. As soon as you walk into the shop, you feel like you belong somewhere. Every day, tons of local skater kids crowd the shop and chill out. It feels like one big family.  

It’s a good place for the kids to hang out. It’s somewhere they can come to and keep out of trouble as well as keep the skate culture alive.”, Scotty explained.

Scotty Eaton, owner of Tiseo's

Cool kids at the shop reppin' Chi Flo & Tiseo's 

Accessories at Tiseo's 

   Other than bikes, skateboards, accessories, and the service of bike repairs, Tiseo’s also provides street wear and skater clothing. Stocked with brands such as Animal, Diamond Supply Co, Truck Fit, and Chi Flo, girls and guys alike can shop the fashion culture of skate inspired street wear. 

   Today, I'm really happy to be able to call Scotty my friend. Recognizing me as a local business owner as well, Scotty welcomed Chi Flo into the shop with open arms and a lot of encouragement. It's not very often you find business owners who are truly genuine and I know we have each other's backs for life! 

Sneakers at Tiseo's

Mia, Scotty's gorgeous pitbull 

  This is a local shop worth the supporting. Keep the grassroots culture alive in NJ and visit Tiseo’s. Spread the word!

Tiseo's Online 

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