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05 Aug '16

Kim Schifino of Matt & Kim in Chi Flo

As an independent designer and brand, free clothing is often given to those worthy of it. Worthy, in this case meaning:  people who hold an influential impact upon those who meet the heresy brand's demographic.  Other than that, the plethora of humans who have yet to hold a cultural impact  asking for 'Free Chi Flo' after all of the money, blood, sweat, and tears that goes into trying to sell a $35 dollar  premium crop top is often laughable. 

  Chi Flo earned its worth after keeping up for 3 years in the game. It's not only seen on locals in the scene (such as DJs, tattoo artists, musicians, and shop oweners); it's  been seen on  other mainstream *influential* (word of the day!) people such as (and not limited to) Fetty Wap, Joe Budden, Mario Cuomo of The Orwells, Alice McMunn, published in NYLON magazine, &  mentioned on their official website /instagram, several Instagram personalities and bloggers such as I Hate Blonde, Mary Cake, Ashley Holat, and of course Kim Schifino of Matt and Kim

   When I received a New Order Notification last month, Kim Schifino being the customer name, I was pumped! Holy shit! That's Matt and Kim! Look at that. Someone who most certainly would've been given something for free supported Chi Flo and PAID. She got the Livin Fast muscle tank. Alongside a special hand-written note, I threw in another 2 tops, one for Matt too. I was pumped when I saw the Instagram tag - she rocked this shirt at the Free Press Summer Festival - and tons of fans posted photos of her in Chi Flo too. Check 'em out:

Social Media Photo posted by Kim <3


Above Photo by Kristina Barber 

Getty Imagess

18 Feb '15

True Lovers: Ryan Wreckless x Queen Curbcheck

Ryan Wreckless and Queen Curbcheck did a killer photo shoot in the middle of a Vegas desert. They're rocking our Bonnie & Clyde tops that read 'True Love is Robbing a Bank Together', a true Chi Flo outlook on love <3 

Cop it here:

Men's Tee: Click 
Ladies Tank: Click

Photos: @a1photoz 

01 Oct '14


B A D B O N E S 

"Bad luck wind been blowin' on my back
I was born to bring trouble wherever I'm at"
-Danzig - Thirteen

So, it's that time of year again...when Chi Flo puts everything into a new fall collection. Planning for the Bad Bones collection started in June of 2014. You may say "well, sure..fashion is always planned ahead; even a year in advance". Yeah, you'd...




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