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01 Sep '14

A Whole New Hope

Β  Earlier today, Angie and I decided to book it to New Hope, PA and take some rad shots of me climbing on old trains stationed there. Unfortunately, by the time I finally got up one, pieces of rust falling into my hair and all, we were told we weren't allowed on the equipment. BUMMER. We only got to snap about 5 shots of one look (Mossimo boots, a vintage top from my mother, and a good ol' pair of True Relgions).Β 

After we took one more shot (kicking it to the man I suppose), I hopped off this beaut and we ventured into town. CAN I JUST SAY: my new favorite vintage shop is Love Saves the DayΒ . It was filled with vintage clothing from every decade that matters 1950s-1980s. Records, costumes, furs, games, masks, and quirky gifts filled the store. I could've stayed there for hours. Actually, I could have moved in. I left with this perfectly awesome 1959 edition of Playboy Magazine andΒ cat eye shades.Β 

Needless to say, we done good.Β 

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