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08 Nov '13


Chi Flo has definitely broadened my artistic horizons. I've always had a vision, and the combined efforts of drawing, creating, graphic designing, modeling, and shooting really has my mind expanding creatively every day now. My favorite thing about the entire process is when another artist who I look up to notices Chi Flo and wants to capture and promote it.

Recently, Sam DeAngelis of SLDean Studios shot an amazing photo shoot and short promo video for Chi Flo's Fall collection, Hell Cats & Underdogs . Sam's keen eye for a unique and edgy shot along with his professionalism, talent, and knowledge of his equipment really did wonders for our Chi Flo shoot. I knew Sam would do a great job because I've always been a fan of his work and I like how he understands how to keep the feel for certain shoots street savvy, sincere, and overall inspired. 

Sam was great to work with. He made me and model of the Chi Flo Army, Lauren, feel confident. I told him a quick thought or two about the feel I was going for and he instantly knew how he was going to approach the shoot. He scoped out the location for the shoot and made all of this happen in under three hours. Sam, I can't thank you enough for how great you made Chi Flo look! =) 

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Promo Vid: 

Chi Flo - Fall 2013 from SLDeanStudios.com on Vimeo.

SLDean Photography x Chi Flo: 

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