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30 Oct '14

Party Forever

I remember being 16 years old watching the movie Factory Girl and learning about the life of two idols of mine, Andy Warhol and Edie Sedgwick. Immersed in the pop-art/60s culture, I found myself obsessing over the period of time they emerged from. I fell in love with Andy and his Factory...the way that it housed artists, creative minds, bands, painters, printers, actors, photographers; you name it. Researching every single aspect of this Factory, it was around then that I knew I wanted to experience the same thing as an aspiring artist. 

Fast forward to September of 2014, with Chi Flo being just short of 2 years old, I met a screen printer and began working with him. His print shop was housed in a 2500 square foot space located beneath studios filled with bands, producers, tattoo artists, and creatives.  "Can we call this The Factory?", I asked. We've called it that ever since.

Over red bull and pizza, I'd sit in the empty space dreaming up ideas involving creative people coming to the Factory and utilizing it correctly.

Mid-October, the owner suggested Chi Flo have a pop-up shop at the space. We knew we had to get a lot of people there, so we put our heads together. What better way to welcome the new Factory to all who wish to be part of a new seen engrained with talent, new minds, and an appreciation for the real deal of music and art, than to throw an official party? Alas, there came the idea of Party Forever. 

First, we needed the band. 

We got our family/friends of Smoke and Mirror Routine, amazing band that played Party Forever,  over to the Factory right away to check out the space and discuss our plans. Needless to say, we were stoked as hell and overwhelmed in the best way. 

Close friend and cousin Thomas D'Ambola of Stealth Productions as well as member of  Smoke and Mirror Routine, spent the week setting up lighting and sound. Check out the progression:

So, Party Forever was emerging into not only a Chi Flo pop-up shop (a physical space to sell Chi Flo at for a limited time), but a Halloween Party in which other talented people can be part of (bands, DJs, other artists attending). 

In talks of the pop-up shop for Chi Flo, I stuck true to creating the perfect display with a good paint brush, a noose,  and some cob webs.

What ultimately became of the Factory in just one week, along with getting people there by word of mouth and social media, truly blew us away. Here is how it all came together:


Pop-up shop & set up: 


DJ Nikki Mixx: a gorgeous babe who can really hypnotize a crowd with her skills and style. Here she is (right) with new Chi Flo Army member and friend, Hannah:

DJ Bert Crush: DJ and fellow NJ apparel creator for GRZLY as well as friend to Print Bandit and Chi Flo.

Smoke and Mirror Routine: Awesome band from Jersey filled with eclectic sounds you've never heard before, immediately drawing you in to keep listening and appreciate.

We even had an awesome hip-hip band, The Unfuckwitables, come from upstairs of the building and open up for SMR on the spot. They saw what Party Forever was all about and wanted to join in on the fun. We were happy to include them.

The turn out was awesome. Made lots of new friends and customers. We had more people than we expected. Check 'em out, Partying ForEVER:

Overall, we had successfully accomplished what we set out to do. I sold Chi Flo, as well as opened new ears and eyes to the creative lighting, sound, and decor or Stealth Productions and LSR Productions, Smoke and Mirror Routine, DJ Nikki Mixx and DJ Bert Crush, and The Unfuckwitables. Most importantly, I made new friends.

Oh..and I figured out I seriously know how to throw a good party. 

Let's keep it happening, because it is in fact, 

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